City Life Groups

What is the purpose of a Life Group?

The purpose of our cityLife Groups is to help you take your next step in growing in your faith through building community, pursuing intentional growth, and serving like Jesus. We passionately believe the mission of the church is to make disciples (Matthew 28). These groups, by God’s grace, will seek to help you grow in your love for Jesus, in your following of Him, and in your journey towards becoming a fully devoted disciple.

cityLife Groups

Arise: in Oceano CA. Pastor Jimmy G. (805) 717-0487


cityLife Group: Joseph and Rosalie L. (805) 651-0568


Marriage Group: Jose and Denise R. (805) 946-6172


Lyfted Jr High: Richard C. (805) 207-6315


The Plug high school: Daniel C. (805) 607-3124


Seasoned Women: Lisa C. (805) 263-3018

What are the core values of cityLife Groups?

cityLife Groups have 3 core values – growth, community and service. We desire these groups to encourage spiritual growth, build authentic community and encourage regular service.

cityLife Groups

Java Talks: Jerry Lopez (805) 861-6454


cityLife Group: Linda S. (805) 766-3025


Prayer Group: Judy B. (805) 263-2195


cityLife Group: Pastor Steve and Isabel G. (805) 714-1238


cityLife Group: Olivia B. 805-420-5349


cityLife Group: Pastor Frank R. 805-509-9967

cityLife Groups Brochure