Volunteers Needed



Admin manages the churches emails, and sends out newsletters to church members and to those who have just visited the church. We support different teams and leaders to build the church in practical ways.

Hosts Volunteer (Usher)

A host Volunteer will assist in directing people to the right seat(s), keeping order and by passing around the offering basket during the tithes/offerings.


A greeter only needs a big smile and a warm spirit. You will be the one standing outside the front doors of our church welcoming EVERYONE to church, especially the 1st time guests.

Parking Attendant 

We can always use assistance in parking cars and directing traffic when needed. We especially look out for those who are visiting for their first time. All you need is that goofy green vest and a willingness to park cars.

Creative Communications

Help us by developing the visual marketing and branding of our church an its events through print, photography, social media, blogging, web design, and film.

Stage Managing

Who needs the spotlight? How about behind the scenes that make church happen? Join our back-stage crew as we help with giving the microphones to the right people, decorating the stage, and keeping every church service running seamless with the use of “Planning Center Online”.

Creative Worship

This creative team uses vocals and musicianship to glorify God and to create an atmosphere of spiritual vibrancy and expectation. – You don’t need to know how to sing, just wanting to sing is good enough for us.

Creative Theater/arts

Can you dance? Can your children dance? Can you act? or spoken word? If you said to yes to any of these, then you qualify! Use your special talents for our regular church services or special church services.

Sound/Stage Production

This team serves the church by using their practical gifts with lighting, stage design, and Sound/audio techniques.

The Bridge

Would you like to be part of a team that will serve our new members of our church at a weekly engage class that we call “The Bridge”? This is a 4 week “get to know” a little bit more about God and your church. The teachers of the class can always use a little extra help with being an assistant.


This team helps people feel welcome through great tasting coffee and creating a warm atmosphere in the parking lot before church. You’ll be surprised how many people can hide behind a warm cup of coffee to break the ice.


Working with kids to nurture and disciple and to provide a high energy and engaging never ending influence on their future. Be part of our future by serving our CityView Kids today!


Want to help the pastors preach every Sunday? You don’t need to be a geek to be part of this team. We’ll teach you how to do it all! Help us get the graphics, slides and sermon points on the wall for everyone to follow along week to week. Join the media team today!

Lock & Load (Set up/tear down)

Calling all buffed men (and women Lol) to use their muscles. The lock and load team support the set up and break down of our weekly services. All you need are good looking biceps to join this team.

Medical team

The first aid team serves our church by acting as fast as first responders in the event of a medical emergency. This team consist of individual certified in basic life support skills.


Help lead, develop and disciple our J.R. High, and High School students by raising up the next generation of leaders on our city, church and world. Use your influence at our weekly Youth gatherings.


Venue safety

This team ensures that the venues we rent are managed and people are safe at each and every one of our gatherings no matter where we may be!

Visitor retention care

Did you know that one of the reasons a 1st time visitor does not return is because nobody asks them to? We need to fill this team with people who will be concerned for not just visitor volume, but visitor retention. Help us follow up and follow through with the needs of everyone God brings to our church.

Church family care

Every so often, we will have church members who suffer the loss of a loved one, get sick to the point of hospitalization, celebrate with new births or whatever the case may be. We need a team of people who will offer “Church family Care” by visiting the sick, praying for this sick, celebrating the new births, etc. We just need people on this team that have big hearts!

Green Room

Our pastors and guests need you! Every Sunday before church service the green room provides a place for our pastors and guests to be hosted. Breakfast and coffee is served every Sunday morning by our Green Room hospitality team.

Hands of Love 

Be an extension of the four walls of our church. Let’s take our love outside the walls of the church sanctuary. Want to help feed the homeless? Give toys away at our annual Christmas toy give-away or simply just do whatever it takes to spread the love of Jesus Christ to those who are in desperate practical need of hope. Join us as we partner with the city of Oxnard, and the OPD to make a difference in this community!


Did you know that we currently have two campuses in two different cities? We have a campus in Santa Paula and in Oceano. Want to be part of a campus team? Then join this team today. P.S. We can always use more preachers and servants at these campuses.

Reach Team

Do you have a gift of witnessing? Are you and evangelist that don’t need a pulpit? Are you willing to go into the areas of our city that involve risks? If you said yes right a-way, then join our “Reach team” today. The reach team goes into different parts of our city on a weekly basis. We meet all at the same location then branch off in two’s.

Thrive Mentorship House

Are you good at public relations or have any experience in public relations? Can you simply just provide a meal for a night for our "Thrive House"? Are you certified in counseling or in substance abuse? We can use any kind of help to keep the men and women supported successfully in our Thrive Mentorship House".

Get Involved

cityView Worship has many ministries available for you to be involved in. From helping in the children's ministry to greeting newcomers as they arrive at the front doors, serving at cityView Worship is a great way to help make this church your home and deepen your relationship with Christ. 

cityView Worship is more than our weekend services. It's a thriving community filled with friendly and passionate people serving God and willing to share in your walk with Christ. There are plenty of ways you can get connected with our community and start growing into the person that God made you to be.